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Pheasant hunting memories are waiting to be made in South Dakota on over 800 acres of prime grassland, shelter belts, sweet clover and wetlands. Stone Hill is the perfect place for your pheasant hunting adventure. View our gallery of beautiful pictures, and then compare our rates and you will be certain a Stone Hill South Dakota pheasant hunt is right for you.

It is hard to believe that we will be beginning our 31 year this fall. Our goal over the years was and continues to be, offering a natural bird hunting experience at a reasonable fee. Managing and maintaining our habitat continues to be a priority.

Gate City Lodge features 10 rooms with private baths with a TV lounge area on each end. A 28 X 40 meeting /dinning area with a kitchen is available in the lower level. The lodge is open all year long.

Rates include hunting fees, game cleaning fees, lodging, buffet breakfast and taxes. Licenses are not included due to the four levels of licenses available. You may purchase the license you want when you arrive or you can purchase it on line at

Hunting season starts on September 1 and runs until March 31. We encourage you to book early to secure the dates that work out for your group.

We want to thank you for your past patronage and look forward to being of service to you again. We continue to be one of the best values in the state of South Dakota.

We now have 6 britany dogs. Heath has River and Issi, Chad has Daisy and Molly and I have Bates and Frankie. After 14 great hunting seasons Zake left us in January with a boat load of memories.

Latest News

Thank you for making this the most successful season ever. We appreciate each and everyone of you. Most of you know we became Stone's Conservation Acres LLP doing business as South Dakota Pheasant Hunts and Gate City Lodge. It was a way to transition to the 3rd generation while continuing to provide great habitat and great hunting unabated. Heath and Chad do most of the guiding with Will filling in the gaps. Heath's dog River is now a seasoned veteran and Chad's Daisy has her first full season in the books. Zack and Bates are happy to hop in your truck and hunt their hearts out for you. Of course, your dogs are always welcome.

5 years ago we purchased a tree spade and have transplanted over 200 tree into 6 rows. This will continue to be an every year project.

We hope to have our new retirement home/lodge completed by fall. Upper level will be our home with the lower level having 4 to 5 rooms with up to 10 beds , and a kitchenette dining area exiting out ground level to our 5 acre lake.We plan on 6 to 10 campsites and a couple of cabins in the near future. someone told me that is a pretty ambitious project for an :old fart". I have no idea who they were talking about.

Again we want to thank you for hunting with us. If you haven't already book for fall and you have dates in mind, you need to call and book them with a deposit. Depending on the time of year we are able to handle some unbooked hunts. Any questions see the contact info on this web site.

Older News

We are excited to see the August 2016 issue of Gun Dog Magazine which had a feature article on our operation.

Read the article

After a dry spring we have begun to get some rain and all the habitat is looking great. We are beginning to see some coveys of pheasants. Hunting is just around the corner and dates are filling in, October is heavily booked. Many days are available in Sept. and Nov. and Dec. If you have any dates in mind call. If you have your own dogs, we have some flexibility in booking your hunts.

About Stone Hill

South Dakota Pheasant Hunts officially began offering pheasant hunting 1985, but its roots go back to the mid fifties when Bill and Goldie Stone purchased the farm. Bill was conservation minded and immediately began a tree planting program and habitat development for all wildlife.

The Wildlife Federation of South Dakota awarded him the “Wildlife Conservationist Of The Year” award in 1980. Upon receiving the award Bill stated that it was nice to receive an award for something you did because you enjoyed it.

Hunters began knocking on the door in 1959 and haven’t stopped since. Will began operating a preserve on the farm in the fall of 1985. Bill was little cool to the idea at first, but approved of the idea after he saw how it was going to be run.

Bill always enjoyed the friendships he made with hunters over the years and it showed when he “officially” began guiding hunts for Will.

Bill lost his battle with cancer in May of 1990 at the young age of 59. Will stated, “I lost a father, friend and hunting buddy all at one time. He pushed me out in a duck boat made of car hoods when I was four years old. In January of 1990 we were going to hunt pheasants on a slough he just added to the farm. He didn’t feel up to walking but he sat in the car and watched as Cindy (my Brittany) and I flushed and shot a few ringnecks from what would be Bill’s final conservation effort.

Will continued running the hunting operation on the farm. Will and Fay purchased the farm in 1987 from Goldie. The first thing they did was plant over 15,000 shrubs and trees and added more food plots. The farming operation was phased out with the exception of millet and sorghum food plots that are planted ever year. Will says, “The farm is strictly for the birds now.” Although the deer and cottontail may disagree.

The operation is a family affair. Fay and the girls have helped out over the years and now Heath, whom hunters have watched grow up, is now helping out as a guide. Will states, “We are a licensed preserve. I make no effort to hide that fact, but our goal is to provide the best natural hunt around and we are accomplishing that feat.”

Will says, “We have groups that have been coming out for seventeen years without missing a year.”

Eddie McCloud of Massachusetts stated, “You can’t go there and not have good time.” Randy Frager from California stated, “This is not preserve hunting.” Otto Palmer stated, “This is beautiful out here.” Robert Brag from Montana stated, “We had a blast.” Will just beams when he hears comments like these knowing the hunters have had a great time and that new acquaintances will soon be old friends. He said it is a tribute to his father for the conservation work he started over fifty years ago.

The Crew

Will Stone.

Will Stone is the owner and operator of South Dakota Pheasant Hunts and has a passion for preservation and ring neck pheasants.

Heath Stone.

Will's son Heath also helps out with the family operation.


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